Workers’ Compensation Update – One-Time Change Scam by HealthIE Network Targeting Workers’ Compensation Claimants

October 21, 2016 by on News

HealthIE Network is contacting claimants directly, even those represented by counsel, and obtaining their signature on a form letter that appears to request medical care.  The letter is being mistaken for requests for one-time changes.  In our experience thus far, the claimant’s attorney are not even aware that this is taking place.  Therefore, we recommend that upon receipt of a letter from HealthIE Network, adjusters notify opposing counsel and defense counsel immediately.  It is important to get confirmation that the claimant is not requesting a one-time change.

Essentially, the company sets up a virtual doctor’s appointment where a physician communicates with the claimant and performs a pseudo examination of the claimant in a video conferencing forum.  Then HealthIE Network sends the medical bill to the carrier for payment as a one-time change in provider without the knowledge or intent of the claimant.  Often times claimant’s attorneys find out after the fact and are equally affected by the scam.   Claimants comply with the request as they believe the appointment was set by the carrier or their attorney.

The address associated with the company appears to be a UPS Store in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The entity was first registered in Florida as an LLC in June 2016, and recently changed its name to Health for the Injured Employee, LLC, on October 11, 2016, possibly since carriers, attorneys, and claimants are catching on to the scam.

The registered agents of the entity are also affiliated with Stars & Stripes Pharmacy, LLC, and Prescribers Choice Pharmacy and are prescribing medications during the virtual exam, using the affiliated pharmacies to fill the prescription, and billing the carrier for same.  Please be on the lookout for any medical bills or communications from these companies, be sure to warn unrepresented claimants of the scam, and immediately notify opposing and defense counsel assigned to the file.

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