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Legal Help for Business Owners who have received Stop Work Order, Business Records Request and Penalty Assessment from the Division of Workers’ Compensation

Are you a Florida business owner who has received a Stop Work Order and/or Request for Business Records from the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation?  If so, the attorneys at Boyd & Jenerette can help you understand your legal rights, represent your business against the state in response to business records request and possible reduction of any penalty assessment.

A “Stop Work Order” issued by the State of Florida means that your business can not legally operate until you are in full compliance with the Florida workers’ compensation statute.  The workers’ compensation statutes grants State investigators broad authority to issue Stop Work Orders, audit businesses for workers’ compensation compliance and assess hefty penalties.  Failure to comply with a Stop Work Order and the workers’ compensation statutes, under certain circumstances, can result in serious criminal implications against the business owner(s), such as a Third Degree Felony for insurance fraud.

If you have received a Stop Work Order, it is imperative that you take action quickly.   Do not ignore any requests for documentation or deadlines.  This process involves short deadlines, with potentially serious consequences if you fail to meet the deadlines, such as a waiver of all rights and imputed penalties for each uninsured worker.  This process can be a stressful and confusing time for most business owners.  Meeting the day to day demands of running a business is challenging enough and most business owners do not have the time, or understanding of the law, required to properly defend their business against a Stop Work Order, audit, and penalty assessment.  The attorneys at Boyd & Jenerette are here to help every step of the way. Our team can handle the entire process on your behalf, so your business can resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

If you have already missed a deadline, we still may be able to help get your business back to work, facilitate a payment plan for any penalty assessment, and ensure ongoing compliance for your specific business needs.

Penalty Assessment Disputes and Penalty Reductions

The statute allows the State to impute earnings for every uninsured worker at 1.5 times the state wide average weekly wage, which is generally much higher than actual wages, for up to 2 years before the date the Stop Work Order was issued.  Your business could be facing fines and penalties in the thousands of dollars, and potential criminal implications depending on whether a prior Stop Work Order has been issued, and the amount of uninsured workers during the audit period.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Boyd & Jenerette have experience working with the investigators, representatives, and attorneys for Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.  Our attorneys will help you understand the process and your legal rights.  Our deep understanding of the audit and penalty calculation process allows our attorneys to identify and dispute any penalties assessed in error.  They will also seek to understand your business to identify potential penalty reduction in which your business may qualify to ensure the lowest possible penalty, if any.

Petitions before the Department of Administrative Hearings (DOAH)

When the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation takes a position that does not accurately reflect the facts for your business, the attorneys at Boyd & Jenerette can request a hearing before the Florida Department of Administrative Hearings (DOAH).

If a hearing is granted, Boyd & Jenerette can present your case before the assigned Administrative Law Judge.  Boyd & Jenerette regularly appears before DOAH judges, and is experienced in defending business owners like you in workers’ compensation disputes.

Florida Stop Work Order Attorneys Ready to Help

Our experienced attorneys have helped numerous employers and are here to help your business through this difficult process.  Boyd & Jenerette has offices across the state of Florida and a team of attorneys who are experienced in workers’ compensation Stop Work Orders. Contact any of the other attorneys below to schedule a consultation.

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