Fast Track Team

Boyd & Jenerette recognizes that many claims and lawsuits do not require lengthy or complex litigation. A claim often does not settle pre-suit because of the lack of cooperation from a claimant and the carrier is therefore unable to complete its evaluation without the power of a subpoena to obtain prior medical records.

The Fast Track team at Boyd & Jenerette was created to handle these cases, and clients may request that a case be assigned Fast Track status. The types of cases that are appropriate for this team include the following:

• Anticipated timeline for case resolution is 60-120 days
• Bodily injury or property damage claims are non-complex
• Damages and potential exposure are less than $100,000
• Disputes are reasonably expected to resolve prior to trial
• Routine discovery using standard forms

In managing these cases, initial discovery is served immediately after the filing of the lawsuit, even if a Motion to Dismiss is pending. This means that if a Plaintiff files a Proposal for Settlement at the earliest date permitted under the rules of civil procedure, we and carrier will have already obtained medical or wage related documents so that the Proposal for Settlement may be evaluated.

The Fast Track team is managed by shareholder Kristen Van der Linde. She is experienced in defending general negligence cases, including auto liability, uninsured motorist claims, premises liability, trucking liability and similar claims.

Team members include experienced associates, paralegals, case managers, and records clerks. The Fast Track team has its own dedicated workspace within the Boyd & Jenerette office in Jacksonville. Under the oversight of experienced shareholders and partners, the team resolves cases in a manner consistent with client expectations and budgetary goals.

Technology also plays an important role in managing the flow of hundreds of Fast Track cases.

Contact any one of the Boyd & Jenerette attorneys to discuss opportunities to apply the Fast Track approach to qualified cases.

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Comprehensive Services

Many cases overlap several areas of law. As a full service law firm, we are able to recognize how one legal discipline impacts another. We work as a team on complex issues that require knowledge of a variety of state and federal laws. This multi-disciplinary approach allows clients to receive the large-firm advantage of access to multiple attorneys in a wide scope of practice areas as well as the hands-on customer service offered by a boutique law firm. In addition to civil litigation, employment law, workers’ compensation defense, commercial law, construction law and appeals, our firm also handles professional liability claims.

Our bilingual staff is available to assist with immigration matters, including consular and removal defenses.